HP New Desktop Computer With Windows 7

HP Is Up To Launch New Desktop Computer Running Windows 7: HP recently ran an advertising campaign for its computers pre-installed Windows 7.
HP New Desktop ComputerOn the official website as well as email clients, HP recorded as Windows 7 has come back because of popular demand.

The company even decline from $80 to $150 for a sample PC but new Haswell CPU running Windows 7.

When you visit the site shopping.hp.com desktop item, you will see the Windows 7 computer was first brought up, the laptop is similar but with fewer numbers.

Indeed, the HP has long were given the option to downgrade the operating system from Windows 8 to Windows 7 for PCs are configured through its website, especially the computer workstation or gaming.

However, today’s action shows that it is using the old operating system as a means of attracting users instead promote Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

The phrase back because of popular demand is a blow to Microsoft when the PC manufacturers like HP have to use the old operating system in the marketing materials new product.

This is what happened many years before the OEM decided to continue promoting Windows XP instead of Windows Vista, an OS is patented because it requires high configuration while the hardware compatibility issues, the software less and performance is not good.

Image Resource/ Credit: HP Official WebSite



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