Increase The speed Of Old iPhone And iPad iOS7

If you are one of the many fans still loyal to the legendary iPhone 4 and iPad 2, you do not have to worry about missing iOS 7 for performance on the new operating system is too slow.
Increase The speed Of Old iPhone And iPad iOS7Here are some tips to help you increase the performance of the iPhone and iOS 7 on your old iPad.

Please Remove Apps – Data Is Not Necessary

One of the important things you need to do before and after updating to iOS 7 is delete all the apps are not really necessary. If your phone memory is almost full, reducing the amount of data stored on the machine will help speed operation of the machine is improved.
Increase The speed Of Old iPhone And iPad iOS7To see which applications are consuming your memory the most, go to Settings / General Settings / Use (Settings / General / Usage). In the Size (Storage), you will see your device how much free space and capacity that each application is up on your computer. In this section, you can also check if the application is using how much memory space on the computer.

View the amount of use of each application in settings. Then Keep your hands on the application until an X appears

To delete an application, tap the app, hold hands until the icons start shaking, then click the X in the upper left of the application to delete the app away.

Off The Ground Running Task: 

In order to provide better user experience, Apple has decided to extend the background mode for applications. For example, the application can now automatically update when the ground running, allowing you to avoid “flooding” notice (notification) from the App Store every time a new application.

However, the application runs in the background will also cause your battery power, as well as adversely affect overall computer performance. You can disable the automatic application updates and conducted manual update for your device.

Please go to Settings / iTunes & App Store (Settings> iTunes & App Store), pull down the Download Auto and select option off and update applications . If you want to shut down all operations to update the content, or all of the music and Books. You will have to update the content purchased from the iTunes Store via computer.

Turn off automatic updates feature new versions of applications

Apple also allows applications to iOS 7 is new content rights (eg, Google Maps will automatically download maps for new areas in the background while you move from one location to another). These applications may be unnecessary and we would certainly affect the performance of the machine. Please go to Settings / General Settings / Refresh In the application (Settings / General / Background App Refresh) and turn off all the features in the application Refresh to increase the operating speed of the iPhone and iPad.

Turn off auto-download the content for the application

Off the effects motion graphics

iOS 7 has some pretty spectacular new effect, but it is an extremely unpleasant experience for the user device hardware key. To turn off parallax effect (the symbol “float” on the computer screen when moving), you go to the Settings / General Settings / Accessibility (Settings / General / Accessibility) and select Move Reduce (Reduce Motion). On the next screen, turn on motion reduction .

Also in the Help function , you will find the option Contrast Increase. Please enable this feature: the blurred background effect on a number of applications such as Control Center or the Spotlight search function center will be completely off, helping bring more readable interface and also supports “heavier” than the original interface of the machine.

Off blurred background effects will also help smooth over iPhone and iPad.



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