Install Window 10 On PC Via VirtualBox

Guide to install Windows 10 on pc via VirtualBox: If you want to experience without installing Windows 10 on board, you can use VirtualBox to run virtual machines. The goal of this method is that it allows you to experience Windows 10 in a simple way without affecting the operating system is installed on the computer. When you’re ready, you can erase easily.Window 10The setup is as follows:

1. Preparation:

Download the installation of Windows 10 ISO.
Download and install VirtualBox, supports Windows, Mac and Linux.

2. Install:

Once installed VirtualBox, you perform the following steps to turn the virtual machine and install Windows 10.

Note: Due to Windows 10 above the 64-bit version to install on VirtualBox virtual machine, then your CPU must support VT-x virtualization technology. If so, you enter the BIOS to activate it before you create the virtual machine offline.VirtualBox
1. You open VirtualBox, click the New button. In the framework Name you type a name for the virtual machine, in the framework Type selected in Microsoft Windows and select Windows Version 8.1 frames (64-bit) and click Next. If you do not enable virtualization option, only 32-bit only and will not be installed on Windows 10.VirtualBox Memory
2. Continue to select the size of RAM for the virtual machine, you should be 4 GB RAM for the virtual machine to run well with Windows 64-bit version. Click Next.VirtualBox Hard drive
3. Create your hard drive to install Windows 10, you select Create a virtual hard drive now and click Create.VirtualBox Hard drive file type
4. Select the VDI (VirualBox Disk Image) by default and click Next.VirtualBox Hard drive storage
5. Here you can select Dynamically allocated or Fixed size. Dynamically allocated If selected, you can customize virtual disk drive containing Windows 10, if the Fixed size, it will default on drive C. created As in the two thumbnails below, one that I chose to create Dynamically allocated virtual disk in the drive D, and the other is Fixed size. You can set the size for the virtual drive, 20 GB her for it.

6. Done stitching creates a virtual drive, you now come to the main interface of VirtualBox, select the newly created virtual machine Windows 10> click Settings> Storage to start installing Windows 10 from ISO.

7. Close to place the CD/DVD Drive on the right small button-shaped disk, you click and open the Windows 10 .ISO file was downloaded. Then click OK and click Start to run virtual machines.VirtualBox Startup
8. The virtual machine startup and Windows 10 installation process takes place normally.
VirtualBox Setup
9. In this step select Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).

10. Select the drive to install Windows, You click New> Apply to create the partition and click Next to complete the installation.



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