Intel Will Show Parallel Computer Running Windows and Android: Intel is Planning To Show Similar Computer Running Microsoft Windows and Android Operating System at CES 2014.
Intel Computers Running Windows with AndroidSome recent related news sources revealed that Intel is likely planned demonstration computers can run parallel Windows and Android and the time may be right at CES 2014 forthcoming.

Accordingly, Intel in recent years is believed to have attempted to work with PC manufacturers to bring the idea of dual operating system onto the PCs will be announced at CES 2014. The website further says that the idea of Intel Android will work right in Windows thanks to visualization technologies, from which users will be able to directly use Android or Windows app, without rebooting.

In fact, Intel’s plan is not new because previously we’ve seen the same thing on Samsung Ativ Q and chances are ASUS is also quietly preparing to launch a computer also uses Android and Windows. However, this is not something new or old, that is to show that Intel really wants to concretize efforts during its past.

More specifically, if Intel persuade computer makers to launch devices running both Windows and Android, Intel will benefit greatly, because only their new processing chip capable of burden tasks simultaneously from two platforms.

Yet Intel’s idea to make both Google and Microsoft do not see what’s funny, when sources revealed that both feel very sensitive information. About the Microsoft, long the U.S. technology corporations want merge two Windows and Windows Phone platforms into one, that is, the later application is created will be compatible with both systems action.

And if Intel’s plan happens, Android will name inadvertently impede progress consolidation of Microsoft, which creates difficulties for both Microsoft and the developer.

However, Microsoft still have their way. Several analysts still insist that Microsoft can convince PC makers to forget the combined Android and Windows by software giant is still holds many advantages and can impact directly to the OEMs – eg marketing funds on hold or temporarily removed royalty incentives copies of Windows 8 pre-installed on new computers.

It is Microsoft, and Google, why?

Android has long been criticized a lot in terms of fragmentation, Google recognizes this and is trying to gradually limited. But the idea to bring Android to Intel’s computer will make the operating system becomes more fragmented.

Indeed, there was a tablet application ideas ViewSonic ViewPad 10Pro Intel is, however not long after launch, it has to stick death penalty from Google. Accordingly, Google has blocked all right visit the app store Google Play, Gmail, Google Maps or other service applications for this tablet. Google found that dual operating system is not a good idea and they absolutely do not agree with it.

Of course, the Android OS is a free and open platform, anyone can use but Google is still the owner and they have the right to cripple Android on the devices that they feel are making love fragmentation becomes worse.

Currently Windows users can still use the app on Android thanks to an emulator software called BlueStacks. Knowing this but Intel is still wanted something more mainstream, but here is combining Windows with Android.

This combination will turn out, Android applications run on Windows computers will be like, the answer will probably be revealed at the upcoming 2014 CES event.


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