iPad 2 Aluminum Little Design Coming Out Detailed

iPad 2 Little Design Coming Out: If that is the case of the mini iPad 2 you can see it has not changed much in design compared to its predecessor.
iPad 2 Aluminum Little Design Coming Out Detailed Recently, the technology page Sonny Dickson published sources the images of the components of the iPhone 5S was not long ago continue to upload multiple photos on the aluminum frame is said to be the first generation of iPad mini 2.

Cluster volume control camera position following new speakers or port Lightning were similar mini iPad first.

Perhaps the change of mini iPad 2 is still mainly comes from inside like the iPhone 5S compared with iPhone 5.

iPad 2 Aluminum designSpecifically, according to speculation, the iPad 2 will own mini 7.9 inch screen resolution Retina upgrade to the more powerful processor and more RAM than the iPad mini 1.

If Apple did not upgrade the screen resolution of the iPad mini 2 will reduce the appeal of this tablet a lot when rival Nexus 7 2013 proved excellent in both hardware and price.

Expected mini iPad 2 tablet will be announced at the end of October this year.



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