iPad Tablet VS Android Tablet

Why iPad Tablet Successful Than Android: Android is greater than the number of users who own iPhone or iPad but Apple’s products still hot because good content, easy to use software.
Steve Jobs once said many years ago, that the iPad will fail to recognize that people still want to use the keyboard. But when carefully analyzed and compared with Android strategy available everywhere by Google, announced the solution of the iPad Apple is simple but bold.

It can be said, Google has tried and won the battle platform mobile devices across the board but the success that Steve Jobs has gained more depth.

From 2010 until now, Apple has consistently launched new products with the special screw design and really is a challenge for those who want to learn more about the hardware inside. In the event launched the first-generation iPad on 27/1/2010, Steve Jobs said: “Many people have mistakenly thought that Apple will launch a netbook”.
iPad and androidBut the products of Apple at that time was seen as an intermediate device entirely new. Compared with the netbook that inherent low resolution screens and slow performance compared to nothing more than a laptop except the cheap products Apple has easily get attention of users.

The fact that most laptop users do not invest properly for the work place as well as the initial heavy tasks. Laptop is used mostly to communicate via email, browse the web, helping users connect to social networking sites and entertainment with movies or games.

For the CEO of Apple at that time, these basic tasks can be performed on an iPhone only thing the screen of the device due to too small.

Of course, users can still work on a laptop, but the keyboard and trackpad design of the cube to create a bulky, hard to move, moreover, the battery life is also a issues to be addressed.
iPad vs androidTablet PC development from before manufacturers were fabricated research. However, attempts at which almost brought success. The tablet was first developed by Jeff Hawkins from the late 1990s.

In 1994, Apple launched the model PDA (personal assistant of) Newton, a breakthrough product at the time but do not reap the desired success.

The first generation iPad was released and received not less skepticism from users. Since that time they have become so used to thinking need a phone to get in touch and a laptop to work in a long time. And the tablets they had ever seen before these devices are not welcome. Not only do the users skepticism, the former engineer Jeremy Wyld Apple also exclaimed that iPad looks like a rock.

Jeremy Wyld also teased that the iPad is like an overgrown iPhone but in fact, the iPad is a completely new type of laptop.

Unlike the iPhone, the iPad has been Apple conceived the study began in 2002. However, project development Jobs iPad was closed a few years later than the initial hardware investment is too costly. Only when the iPhone was introduced in 2007, the project was Steve Jobs’ new iPad review. By 2009, the technology has applications for iPad ready, the processor has enough power, wider bandwidth, fully integrated supply battery usage time is useful and important component manufacturing tablet prices are much more affordable then the new iPad continues to be promoted.
latest apple ipadIn its first week on sale officially in January 4/2010, Apple has sold more than 450,000 iPads. The statistics also show that then it has sold 1 million iPads in the first month and 19 million devices in just over a year since launch. In 2011, Apple became the consumer electronics bestseller, surpassing the number of DVD players were sold at that time.

Google’s Android rivals compete constantly to keep pace with the sweeping development of Apple.
Apple iPadHowever, in 2011, Android almost failed on all front. Android users but is larger than the number of people owning the iPhone or iPad. But the products of Apple products is still hot because good content, easy to use software. And most importantly, Apple is a good platform for content owners and application developers. The bottom line is that many apps, games on iPhone, the application will become powerful, full-featured iPad.

Just as Steve Jobs predicted, some users still choose iPad despite owning a laptop and a smartphone.



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