IPhone 5 And Xperia Z Sales And Downturn

IPhone 5 Speed ​​consumption and genuine Xperia Z has leveled off as the hottest of the two products not pulling back with two rival Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.
IPhone 5 And Xperia ZA distribution unit share great phone Xperia Z genuine before selling quite well but this time, the average daily shop selling nearly 3 machines only.

Along with Xperia Z status, iPhone 5 sales also hybrid rai and not as previously fever. Meanwhile, HTC One and Galaxy S4 have more stable sales, the average on the 10 products were sold out within days.

According to the interpretation of this store, genuine Xperia Z is currently offering the highest price in the high-end smartphone segment.

In particular the price of 16.5 million Xperia Z genuine more expensive to 4.5 million compared with a laptop.

Therefore, the Xperia Z genuine sales decline is understandable.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5 is a completely different story.

This is still the top phone in their line of iOS however the number of sales in this time delay by the general psychology of the user is waiting for the next version of Apple will be introducing in the near future.

If this is the leaked information, the next version of the iPhone will be released in May along with a cheap version.

According to an estimate from distributor iPhone is known in Vietnam, from about 2 months now the new iPhone 5 volume sold rather slowly, down to 60% compared to the month before Tet.

Explain this, this unit said tough economic times, people used to tighten spending to those who want to buy the iPhone bought from before. Besides, apart from waiting for the next version, customers now have many options for shopping, by the configuration of the iPhone 5 can not be compared with the most advanced product line today as the Galaxy S4 or HTC One.

Same view, a business unit of high-end phones used in Vietnam, said the majority of consumers now buy the iPhone 5 is used the most. Those who truly love Apple product line and economic conditions have previously purchased machines.

Meanwhile, those who have tight economic conditions over the choice of the used products such as iPhone 4 with rates ranging from 5.7 to 6.2 million.

No need for new thick with good phone.

Currently, the product line of mid-range phones are pretty much the firm launched attracting large numbers of customers from high-end product line, owning good configuration and affordable price.

For example, Samsung is the Galaxy Grand Duos price of about 8.2 million, LG L7 Series II product line for nearly 6 million, HTC One SV nearly 7.4 million or 7 Nokia Lumia 720, 2 million.

Besides, the Vietnamese brand as Mobiistar, Mobell, FPT has also launched a new series of quad-core product alone with rates between 4 and 5 million, making the mid-range phone segment becomes active and much more diverse.

In the future, many more intermediate products will also be launched simultaneously with the competitive price many designs and powerful configuration.

One highlight is the HTC Mini, Galaxy S4 Mini, Asus Fonepad Note gives users more affordable choices in difficult economic times.



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