iphone 5s Features Of Fingerprint Security

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Security Feature and Camera Upgrade: iPhone leak extensive security check feature by fingerprint was finally officially unveiled.
iPhone 5S Fingerprint Security FeatureApple called the Touch ID, this feature is an integrated hardware layer Start button immediately below the thickness of only 170 microns, sensitivity of 500 ppi and can be scanned into the layer below the epidermis of the fingers.

With Touch ID, you will not have to enter the access code to open the phone and enter a password to download the application again, just slide your finger on the start button, the machine will automatically confirm your identity immediately.

New Home button can read our fingerprints in any direction and the key tops are made of scratch resistant sapphire. Apple says Touch ID can identify many different fingerprints.

Templates are encrypted and stored within a separate security zone in the A7 chip, you will not share fingerprints for other applications outside the system, no one on Apple’s servers and iCloud do not bring it up.

5S is slight upgrade of 5 life, similar to 3G to iPhone 3GS or 4 to 4S so Apple has not changed the design of the machine. We still have a very good iPhone with aluminum housing for the edges and the back, the details are cleverly cut even the smallest, so that the user the feeling of an expensive device.

In addition, dual-LED flash more left for you to distinguish between the iPhone 5 and 5S is the Start button with metal ring surrounds and colors. IPhone 5S more gold champagne color for stroke, dorsal and metallic trim surrounds the Home button. 5S is as white but with a black Apple called Gray space is gray, not black.

iPhone 5S back to black and gray aluminum with gray edging machine, not iPhone 5 as before. This is partly because of scratches very easily scratched black and disclose explicitly that Apple should solve changing color.

In addition, A7 chip second camera upgrade mentioned in the new phone. Refresh this time with the camera resolution was not but on its sensor. Apple said the size of each pixel of the sensor is increased to 1.5 microns, more pixels, the light that reflects more light and the result is a beautiful image.

The objective in the iPhone 5S is made with 5 ingredients lens and f/2.2 aperture. iPhone 5S with LED flash for cold white, warm tones remaining light and gold, the combination of the two will balance the image with the best color. It also has the ability to record HD video at up to 120 frames / sec. With this speed, you can create a full-5S slow movement with a smooth and venue details.

IPhone users still use the codes to open the machine, but on the iPhone 5S, fingerprint recognition first appeared Sensor eliminates this hassle and gives the user a new security options, simpler.

Fingerprint Recognition sensor is Apple start button built right in, users simply touching the lock can be opened.

All information of the user’s fingerprints are stored as encrypted and secure, prevent hacker intrusion and theft. In the video, Apple has addressed the utility of this sensor to see if you can read fingerprints very quickly in many different contact angles.

Fingerprint recognition has many applications in the PC, but proved to be cumbersome, the user must be careful finger scan, the machine can recognize, but on the phone, which is impossible.

Apple will sell the iPhone 5S with 3 memory version of the usual $ 199 for the 16GB, 32GB 299 USD and 399 USD 64GB version. Of course, the price includes a contract with the network.

Apple also sells environmentally friendly 5S soft shell for $ 39 and many colors. Users can program the machine from the 13/9 at the time of sale and is officially scheduled for 20/9 in the U.S.A, Australia, Canada, Britain, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore.



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