iPhone X On The Shelves

Apple’s value has risen above $900 billion after Wednesday’s trading, away from Alphabet, Google’s parent company.

iPhone X On The Shelves

There have been many predictions about Apple’s $1 billion worth of dates, and that moment is coming very close.

After the end of the November 8 session, Apple’s total value exceeded 900 billion dollars.

Meanwhile, No. 2 still belongs to Alphabet, the parent company of Google, with $728 billion.

Apple has had a very good run in the past few months, as its stock jumped 52 percent from a year ago.

Forecast for last month, Apple will make $84 million profit.

The record growth of Apple is said to contribute greatly by iPhone X. This is the highest priced smartphone ever.

The company profits up to 64% of retail price.

Growing margins and good sales signals for the iPhone X during the year-end shopping season could put Apple ahead of the $1 trillion mark in 2017.



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