iPhone X VS Galaxy S8

Let’s take a look at the comparison between the iPhone X and the Galaxy S8. Both models feature a 5.8 “screen with ultra-thin bezel and looks similar (same size, slim and curvy screen, glossy silver frame). What price do you prefer?

Along with screen 5.8 “iPhone X length, but shorter than the Galaxy S8. Yet still very difficult for you to reach the top of the screen with one hand.

The resolution of the two machines displayed almost equal But you can see that the iPhone X takes advantage of the space on the screen is very effective rabbit ears to hold the system icon, the bottom of the screen completely without the navigation keys, because the switch to S8 still has to display 3 virtual keys on the bottom of the screen, the screen on the screen but negligible space wastedWhen viewing photos and video full screen, the iPhone X will be “forced” on the left edge. While Galaxy S8 is not.

Macro “rabbit ears” with “not rabbit ears”.

Frame is chrome-like, very beautiful and shiny.

When holding the machine in hand, both machines are difficult to up about the same. The great thing about the iPhone X is that it removes the Home button and brings a whole new control experience that is swift, natural, fast and easy to use.
The back of the iPhone X is pretty bad because the vertical camera is pretty rough. On the iPhone 8 Plus, the edges of the camera clusters are rounded softly, while on the iPhone X it is very sharp and “sharp”. And the back of the S8 is quite familiar to us, camera has very little convexity.



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