Isco and Sara First Public KISS

Circulate through the networks a photograph in which you can see the Real Madrid footballer and the actress giving each other an affectionate kiss.

I kiss better than I cook? #deaquíamarte

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Real Madrid player Isco Alarcon and his girlfriend, actress Sara Salamo, do not hide their love and although their exchange of messages on social networks and their walks through Madrid have occupied many press covers, until now they have never been seen kissing.

Isco ? love ?

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In the last hours circulates through social networks a photograph in which you can see the Malaga player and his girl embraced and giving each other a loving kiss.

The image has not gone unnoticed by his followers and has run through the network like gunpowder. Once again the couple shows that their relationship is going from strength to strength and they are very unit and happy.

From some media say that the Tenerife and the white midfielder may have been living for a few days, a fact that has not been confirmed by either .

Sara Salamo recently revealed in an interview for Canarias 7 that she started studying journalism, but left the race three months after having started to focus on her face as an actress, which is her true passion.

“I started in journalism, but the truth is that I was only three months , I do not think I know anything about journalism. Yes, I think it’s very much based on social networks, I’m surprised by the many news that came up in the networks, ” said Sara .

“Hace falta mucho, mucho tiempo para ser joven”.

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The Isco couple claimed that they like social networks: “I am a user of almost all social networks at work and they keep me informed, they are a good tool,” he revealed.

Salamo, who also revealed during that interview to have suffered harassment throughout his career, has his own blog to express himself: “The blog emerged as a way of escape, an outlet, I wanted to open another window to the world ” concluded the Canarian interpreter.



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