James Franco Accused By Five Other Women For Sexual Exploitation

After winning the Golden Globe this weekend, the actor has been the subject of much criticism for his improper behavior with women around him.

James Franco Accused By Five Other Women For Sexual ExploitationThe 75th edition of the Golden Globes was celebrated in Los Angeles from Sunday to Monday. The awards of the Foreign Press Association in Hollywood honored some of the most hardworking and beloved Hollywood industry members of the moment.

This gala, has been marked by the movement ‘Time’s Up’, and is that the vast majority of guests has come to her dressed in black and with pins supporting this campaign.

For months we have known almost every day new cases of sexual harassment, and precisely after this ceremony were several women who used social networks to accuse James Franco of sexual harassment.

The actor defended himself on Tuesday in the program of Stephen Colbert assuring that these accusations “are not faithful to the truth”. But now, as reported by the Los Angeles Times , five other women would have joined these claims.

In interviews for this medium, five young people who studied at the film school founded by the actor Studio 4 assure that they would have been victims of inappropriate behavior. In particular, four of them were students of his while the fifth affirms that Franco was his mentor in the institution.

But they all agree that they felt that Franco’s influence would be good for their careers, so they accepted or tolerated their inappropriate behaviors even when they were unpleasant.

Sarah Tither-Kaplan, one of the alleged victims, explains that while filming an orgy with Franco and several women three years ago, he removed the protective plastic that they wore in their vaginas while pretending that he had oral sex with them.

While two other students confirm similar behavior on the set, and when some actress refused to do ‘topless’ he got very angry.

Two others also explain that Franco’s behavior on the set was inappropriate, becoming very uncomfortable to shoot a scene in a strip club. They claim that the shots there were “unprofessional and hostile,” noting that when he chose the students who would be part of his next project he did so based on his physique and not on his ability as an actress.

In response to this, the actor’s lawyer has published a letter that includes statements by Cynthia Huffman, a casting director who has worked with Franco on several projects and who says he has not received any complaints: “James is dedicated to giving everything to the newcomers, actors and actresses and young directors, try to give them an opportunity in this business, I feel terrible that someone has felt this bad because we have taken the necessary measures so that all the actresses that are part of scenes of nude feel safe and comfortable”.

The Los Angeles Times has also spoken with Violet Paley, one of the first to report sexual abuse by Franco. Who has reaffirmed his words and explained that at that time he agreed to the actor’s requests because she did not want him to be angry with her, but he managed to get out of there, inventing that he had seen someone approaching the car. He also points out that now, in view of the scandal of Harvey Weinstein and the others, he would have acted differently.

In addition, Paley says that when the accusations against Weinstein came to light, she wrote to Franco expressing his anger and sadness, but he never responded. Later they spoke on the phone and he tried to apologize, explaining that he knows that it is wrong to do what he did, but that it was not illegal and that he is now a new man, he has changed. The actor himself told Colbert that he feels proud because his whole life has taken responsibility for his actions, so if he has done something wrong he will try to solve it.



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