Jamie Dorman Will Not Return To The Saga Of Fifty Shades Of Gray

The imminent release of Fifty Shades released will mark the end of the trilogy based on EL James books. However, fans are hoping that the saga will continue in the future. But it seems that if he does it will not be with Jamie Dorman playing the billionaire Christian Gray.

It was the actor himself who announced it in an interview for the Lorraine on Monday program. “I do not think there’s any possibility, I mean, there are no other books, I know that Erika has written two books from Christian’s perspective, but I think that what we already have seen in the movies, the same stories, so they will not do that again, “said Dorman, hinting at the end of the love affair between Gray and Anastasia Steele, a character played by Dakota Johnson.

At the moment, there will be no more movies of the franchise, unless “Erika continues writing”, but if that happened Dorman is clear that it will not be him who incarnates Gray: “Dakota and I, particularly myself, are getting too old to this. ”

Although the trilogy has come to an end, as pointed out by Dorman, the author has published two more books, titled Gray and Darker , which narrates the original plot, but from the perspective of Gray, instead of Anastasia . And, unless films are produced with other leading actors, these versions will not reach the big screen.

Fifty Shades released will be released on February 9 and, like the previous installment, is directed by James Foley.



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