Jumanji: Beat Star Wars Episode 8 At The 2018 Movie Box Office

The premiere of the movie ‘Jumanji’ gets a big data inside the screens of the United States.

So much so that he managed to unseat ‘Star Wars Episode 8’ in the first days of the year 2018. And everything indicates that he will take the lead on the first weekend of the year.

The adventure film Jumanji, starring Dwayne Johnson, ranks as the highest-grossing film in the beginning of 2018.

Standing above even what was marked by ‘Star Wars Episode 8’, a film of great impact and already located as the one of higher income in the year 2017 in the United States and about to also achieve it worldwide in the list of those released last year.

In the partial ranking of the year 2018, ‘Jumanji’ is followed by ‘Star Wars Episode 8’, which even with the decline of rung remains at a good pace within the top income.

The third place in the partial classification of the week is ‘The Great Showman’, with Hugh Jackman in front of the main character.

Followed by another musical cut tape, ‘Giving Note 3’, which continues with the saga created five years ago by Elizabeth Banks and Anna Kendrick.



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