Kaspersky Small Office Security Review

Kaspersky Lab Releases New Security Solution For SMEs: Kaspersky Lab has released new version of Kaspersky Small Office Security.
Kaspersky Small Office SecurityThis security solution designed especially for small and medium enterprises, which includes new features that help SMEs to protect against threats of modern and sophisticated security, incorporating the “ultimate anti-malware Kaspersky Lab in a simple to use product that requires no great knowledge of IT technologies” as reported by the company.

According to IDC estimates, there are approximately 75 million companies worldwide with less than 10 employees. These companies process millions of euros annually.

However, this segment “has traditionally been neglected by IT security vendors,” according to Kaspersky.

As a result, employers have been forced to use products for home user does not adequately cover your business needs or reduced versions of enterprise products which are difficult to manage and require SMEs to pay for security services they will never use.

Kaspersky Small Office Security is designed to serve “exclusively” the needs of these small businesses, combining the “latest protection technologies against cybercrime with the features SMBs need to compete in the global economy.” Kaspersky Small Office Security is easy to install and administer, allowing small businesses to have a  first class security platform.

Announcement Of The Solution:

Kaspersky Lab in 2010 launched the first version of Kaspersky Small Office Security. It was the first security solution specifically designed for startups and growing businesses. The Company Said “Kaspersky Lab has continued to improve and refine its offerings in recent years,” and the new version of Kaspersky Small Office Security includes a series of technological improvements and new features.

New Features Kaspersky Small Office Security:

Online Banking:

Secure Payment With Kaspersky Lab technology, SMEs may conduct financial transactions online safely. Through the browser guaranteed the legitimacy of the user to the website and entering data is protected through keystrokes.

Moreover, also verifies that the site to which users connect is true to avoid banking phishing attempts constantly monitoring the connection to ensure that the information is not intercepted by cyber-criminals.

Improved Support For Mobile Devices:

Small businesses are not immune to threats or mobile BYOD recalls the security company. Kaspersky Small Office Security includes support for Android smartphones and tablets, you equipping them with anti-malware protection for Web browsing, privacy controls and anti-theft technology tools. Also enabling employees to find their missing mobile devices or remotely wipe data user.

Automatic Prevention Exploits:

This technology prevents cyber-criminals can exploit software vulnerabilities to launch their legitimate malware attacks. Kaspersky says “By proactively monitor the behavior of computer programs, protects users from unknown exploits and ensures its protection even if they have not installed the latest software updates”.

Password Manager:

Kaspersky Small Office Security includes Kaspersky Password Manager. This tool stores all passwords in an encrypted vault and automatically enters the correct password when needed through a single master password. It also allows employees to create a portable version of its secure vault passwords on a USB drive.

Online Backup:

Enables small businesses automatically save your critical data securely in the cloud, on a hard drive or local server allowing the protection of critical data in the event of equipment failure or accidental deletion.

Protection and Control With Ease

According to the security company, the most attractive feature of Kaspersky Small Office Security is its ease of use, making it the most advanced protection technologies “are accessible to small business owners.” Through a guided menu, entrepreneurs can protect and control policies simply web, data encryption and central management of the company.

Web Policy Management:

The business owners can easily customize options for each employee access to websites, social networks and applications. This may include individual websites or entire categories of websites classified by Kaspersky Small Office Security sites.

Data encryption and backup files:

Encryption of data ‘ensures that sensitive company data (product designs, financial information of customers, etc..), are not vulnerable to theft, unauthorized access or accidental removal’.

Central Administration:

From any PC on the network, owners can remotely manage the security settings for each computer in the company and additional management capabilities, such as the renewal of licenses, control of security settings, etc. .

Kaspersky Small Office Security supports a maximum of 25 licenses per company, including PC (Windows XP, Vista, Windows7 and Windows 8), file servers and smartphones and Android tablets.

Each user license includes protection for 1 PC and 1 Mobile device. Kaspersky Small Office Security is compatible with Windows file servers, including Windows Server 2008 R2, Small Business Server 2011 Essentials and Standard Server 2012.

Kaspersky Lab will include support for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 in late 2013.

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    • Hy Isabel, I have tried many Anti Viruses and security software. Norton is better for using in Home PC and running it on Win XP on old computers. But, if you are using win 7 on Dual Core or higher then Kaspersky will be the best.


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