Kaymu Mobile Shopping App is Now Available in Pakistan

kaymu.pk android appOut of the thirty million internet users in Pakistan, more than half are accessing the internet via their mobile phones. The new smart phones and faster internet speed has made a revolution in the online industry. People use mobile phones not only to make calls but also for browsing the web, shopping, gaming and social networking. On average people spend more than three hours a day online on their phones. This has opened up a whole new stream of consumer possibilities for innovative new businesses. Studies show that gaming, followed by Facebook are biggest categories of use in terms of average time spent. This proves that people spend more time on a variety of applications than browser and the trend is only increasing. Browsing the web is declining along with the decline in use of personal computers.

However, the new trend has given new possibilities to app developers. Everynow and then we hear about a one hit wonder launching an app that went viral overnight. Instagram, Fruit ninja and Temple Run are amongst the most famous examples. Pakistan too is not far behind in application invention and technology. A couple of university students have also managed to get googles attention towards the region with Groopic. Other applications include shopping apps, magazine apps etc.

Online market places like Kaymu.pk have recently made waves in the mobile app world in Pakistan. Now, owning to the companies immense success, the App has now made a soft launch in Pakistan. The application is available for download for all Android users. With over fifty thousand products listed on Kaymu Pakistan, this application is launched with immense potential. The company is confident of the success of this new product development. They are positive that it will help aid not only the consumers to shop conveniently but also boost the economy in general through increased sales.

How to Download and Use the Kaymu App

Like any other android application, simply log into the play store and search for the Kaymu app. It downloads in less than a minute. Once downloaded you can access the application to instantly hit the online market place. Here you will find all products at exact same prices as listed on the website.

The Kaymu App is available for download on the Android devices from the Google Play Store, which can be accessed here.




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