Kinect 2 For MicroSoft Windows 2014

Kinect 2 For Windows Will Available In 2014: A few days after the presentation of Xbox One to be launched later this year, Microsoft has announced the arrival of new generation Kinect sensor for Windows also.Kinect 2 For MicroSoft Windows 2014Developers can get started on the sensor this year but will be launched in 2014 .

Both sensors have been created with the same technology.

Kinect for Xbox promises to revolutionize the gameplay with native integration into the whole experience and the new Kinect for Windows will revolutionize the way in which the user is associated with computers.

The arrival of this advanced technology and hearing gesture recognition to computers allow development of new applications in this field .

Since the first Kinect for Windows was launched, numerous developers have created software that has application in many fields such as health.

The new sensor includes a color camera HD and a microphone with noise cancellation technology, voice filters compatible and able to recognize natural speech even in crowded rooms.

It includes technology owned by Microsoft Time-of-flight capable of measuring the time it takes the photons bounce off an object and return and thus achieve incredible precision of movement.

In this regard, recognize small variations for example a quick turn of the wrist or the brightness of a garment.

Increasing the size of the field of view of adapting to new rooms Kinect multitude of sizes.

The combination of new high-fidelity sensor and increased field of view provides a more fluid gesture recognition and more accurately.

It also recognizes objects in total darkness thanks to their night vision.

The new Microsoft sensor tracks more points of the human body than its predecessor for Xbox being able to recognize the palm and thumb and track six body simultaneously.

This new technology not only has broad utility to control your computer when it opens a field of use in the treatment of rehabilitation and physical exercises and improving the user experience in public spaces like a tent.

Kinect for Windows does not hit the market until 2014.

For now, Microsoft recommends staying alert at BUILD 2013 to be held in late June which will provide more details on the new device.



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