Lenovo ThinkPad X250 Ultrabook laptop a small power house review: Workhorse in journey

Regular business tourists need a laptop that is easy to take on the road with an assortment power that can make it through long days. The ThinkPad X250 satisfies these specifications easily, and with a strong case that can manage difficult handling.

Lenovo Thinkpad x250This laptop has the common look of a ThinkPad with a flat black matt finish. The lid is made of carbon fiber strengthened with graphite. The X250 has a resilient development specifications mil-spec conferences. The X250 has a durable construction standards mil-spec meetings.This means it has been tested to withstand the following conditions:

High Vibration: Multiple tests

Humidity: 91 – 98 percent

Temperature: -10 degrees Celsius; 30 – 60 degrees Celsius

Altitude: 15,000 feet

Sandy conditions: Subjected to six hour exposure

Mechanical shock: Over 18 cycles

Temperature shock: Changes of -20 – 60 degrees Celsius

Solar radiation: 3 X 24 hours

Fungus: 28 days of exposure

Specs as reviewed:

Weight: 2.88 pounds

Processor: Intel Core i5- 5200U

OS: Windows 8.1

Display: 12.5-inch, 1,920 x 1,080, touch

Memory/ storage: 8GB/ 180GB

Ports/ slots: 2-USB 3.0, VGA, mini-DP, Ethernet RJ-45 / 4-in-1 memory card slot

Connectivity: Wi-Fi ac; Bluetooth 4.0

Webcam: 720p

Dimensions: 12 x 8.21 x 0.85 inch; 305.5 x 208.5 x 21.5mm


All of this toughness is loaded in a laptop only 20.3 mm dense with a weight of 2.88 pounds. This is truly a road warrior’s laptop. The X250 as analyzed has a 12.5-inch touch display with a quality of 1,920 x 1.080 that works well with MSWindows 8.1. The screen has a complete 180 levels of spinning and can be modified to a watching position to fit any atmosphere. This along with a very efficient track pad with two control buttons and the acquainted red TrackPoint has every situation protected. Getting around the ThinkPad X250 discovers a complete supplement of slots to support most common peripheral devices. On the left part are the exclusive power slot, VGA, USB 3.0, and miniDP slots. The right part features the audio slot, USB 3.0, storage slot, SIM slot, and RJ45 slot. The 4-in-1 storage slot can handle MMC, SD, SDHC, and SDXC storage cards.

The Apple Primary i5 in the evaluation unit is fast and keeps MSWindows running nicely.

This is with the 8GB of storage and 180GB of SSD inner storage.

Keyboard and trackpad:

ThinkPads are known for excellent computer keyboard, and the X250 is no exemption. It features a conventional structure with a top row of control buttons. The important factors are backlit, toggled with the Fn-Space mixture. There are two lighting levels for the backlighting. Typing on the ThinkPad X250 is as excellent as it gets on a laptop computer. Keys provide affordable responsive reviews when writing, and have affordable travel when pushed. The relatively large track pad provides accurate management, and the entire surface area is clickable. Above the pad are three control buttons for those choosing more conventional rabbit management. These control buttons work well with the conventional ThinkPad red TrackPoint included in laptops computer key-board. There is a finger marks audience on the lower right of laptops computer key-board

Replaceabledual battery systemPower Bridge:

Lenovo’s technological innovation is designed to put battery energy in the hands of the owner.

The Power Bridge technological innovation as implemented on the ThinkPad X250 uses an internal sealed 3-cell (23 W/hr) battery energy that is augmented by user-replaceable battery energy pack. The X250 ships with a 3-cell (23 W/hr) battery energy that snaps into a slot on the end rear of laptops computer and is flush with the notebook. This battery energy is hot-swappable, so extra battery energy pack can be used to extend battery energy for long trips. Users can purchase extra 3-cell battery energy pack or go big with 6-cell (72 W/hr) battery energy pack for maximum time away from energy. The 6-cell battery energy sticks out of the end of the X250 providing a slight incline when sitting on a flat working surface. We had both sized battery energy pack for our examining and the hot swapping worked well. Batteries are easy to remove with the two unlock switches with laptops computer running.

Lenovo claims that the X250 will get up to 20 time using two 3-cell battery energy pack along with a 6-cell and our examining showed that to be optimistic. Using the 3-cell plus a 6-cell regularly yielded 14 time.

Best choice of business travelers:

After using the ThinkPad X250 a while it is obvious this is one of the best laptop computers available. It has all of the advantages of the ThinkPad production in a convenient type aspect that asks to be taken on lengthy a company trip. It works well and the touchscreen technology creates MS Windows 8.1 reallyglow. The ThinkPad X250 is available from Lenovo beginning at $755, and the settings as analyzed is $1,400.



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