LG G3 Design: Metalic Body, 5.5 Inch Super Screen

When we saw the leaked images of the G3 before the official announcement, there was much excitement as it appeared to be a metal phone.
LG G3 Metalic Body Super ScreenHowever, that excitement quickly fizzled when the latter was referred to as back with a metallic finish. Just another fancy way of saying plastic. But like any device, you have to keep it in hand before we can make any judgment, and was pleasantly surprised.

At first, I still thought it was kind of metal, but I knew it was not. Still, it felt great in the hand like a metal premium device. The reason is that although it is made of plastic, which has a single metal film on top. Now, I’m not saying it’s the same as the HTC One but that could be a good thing. As much as I love the HTC One, it is very slippery.

The G3 gives it that premium look and feel, but not slippery. That is a huge pet peeve of mine, and something that is hard to find in today’s smartphones.

LG To his credit here because they were able to pull this off with minimal cost. Metal on smartphones is not practical due to cost. I like it, but if you can not charge a premium for it, it makes no sense for the manufacturer to offer it.

My next concern was the size – 5.5 inches sounds great, but have never owned a phone with a larger screen of 5 inches from anything higher is too big. These devices serve a crowd ends niche as LG certainly had the opportunity to go with this size on your main ship insignia. Again, I was pleasantly surprised, as it was not as big as I expected.

In fact, it is smaller than one of the most popular phones 5.5 inch ever, the Samsung Galaxy Note II. It’s actually smaller than the original Galaxy Note, which sported a smaller 5.3-inch screen.

The G3 also features pyramid style back which many manufacturers have adopted over the years. At its thickest point, it is 8.9 mm, but is only 2.7 mm on the sides.

This, and the fact that only weighs 149 grams, not to mention the almost non-existent bezel adds to the fact that this does not feel like the giant one would expect with a phone of 5.5 inches.

LG introduced rear panel buttons on the G2 and G3 were refined for. The power button is now circular, slightly larger. It is also easier to feel the difference between it and the volume rockers. They still have a bit of getting used to, but I found it much easier since I already had the experience of last year with the G2.

I still do not think the rear controls are a game changer, just a differentiators. I use a lot of phones, and I am never left wishing that others had the same type of controls. At the same time, I have a problem with LG going this route.

While we’re on the back of the device, also found the 13 MP rear camera lens, laser auto-focus and LED flash, everything just above the volume controls and on. You will also find a speaker towards the bottom left. You will not find anything in the right or left side of the device. At the top is the IR Blaster, and at the bottom the USB port is in the middle, while the microphone jack is on the left.

The rear is also removable, and therein a removable 3000 mAh battery is located, as well as slots for the SIM card and micro SD card. No physical buttons as LG has opted for screen control like stock Android. The only difference is LG allows you to customize them.

In terms of design, I think LG hit it out of the park. The rear controls are a bit awkward but the quality feel of the device, and that is not too big for a 5.5 incher, more than make up for it.



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