LG Pocket Printer Wireless Smartphone

LG Smartphone As a Wireless Pocket Printer: LG has launched its new wireless printer Pocket Photo a handheld device for smartphones ink-less printing high quality photos.
LG Pocket Printer Wireless SmartphoneIt weighs 215 grams and measures 72 by 120 by 24 millimeters.

There is no need to opt for a Polaroid or the like if you want small printed photos instantly.

LG has launched in Spain this printer with the slogan ‘Reveal’ and is available for Android and iOS .

Photo Measures are 5.1 7.6 centimeters. To use it you must first download and install the LG Pocket Photo app on the phone. Then users will have to connect their mobile devices to the new Pocket Photo printer and start printing.

” The printed photos have a different charm to digital photos . Whether you want to take a photo in the wallet, as in the directory, the new printer LG pocket to enjoy the photos taken with a simple smartphone and effortlessly” says senior vice president of Home Entertainment division of LG, Seog-ho Ro .

The many editing tools that come in the application of LG Pocket Photo makes it very easy to insert QR code or make simple tweaks . It also offers a creative way to connect a physical image to a community on-line. QR codes, which can be read by any application of barcode scanning, offering a simple way to access to social networks and other online content.

Customized photos can be integrated into interactive games , such as a treasure hunt. LG Pocket Photo is compatible with Bluetooth and Near Field Communication .

Also do not need ink to print, because the ZINK technology eliminates the need for ink cartridges.

This technology uses heat to change the chemistry of color formation in the paper ZINK 2.0 .

Compared to conventional processes, the system ZINK ink-less paper retains the image longer and produces less staining.

Pocket Photo Printer LG has a suggested retail price of 149 euros.

The cartridges can print up to 10 photos and cost 12 euros each.



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