LG TV OLED Technology 4.4 mm Thin

New LG TV With OLED Technology 4.4 mm And High Contrast And Inspiring  Colors: ThinIn awarding event It was feeling like new age.
LG TV OLED Technology 4.4 mm ThinLG has exhibited patterns OLED TV ultrathin 55EA5700 in a corner of its display is quite small with around 4K Ultra HD TV models of firm. Here is a sample of the LG OLED TV commercial and launched in 2013.

The first impression of this TV model is designed ultra thin panels with only 4.4 mm thin spot. With organic technology OLED screen, you can easily see the black strip of screen displayed extremely impressive, deep black and very bright colors than any other display technology.

TV also includes FPR passive 3D technology and Smart TV platform LG’s new generation.

LG 55EA5700 bring unique design of LG’s LCD product line. The surround is made ​​of metal TV stand with curved contours around the LG logo.

Protect the glass screen is placed in an aluminum frame, although the contours of the factory can still be found but only less than 7mm size. Specially when displaying images with black background, you absolutely can not get out of the flat contour.

Front important part of IC LG OLED TV 55EA5700 placed in the bottom cluster is also made ​​quite thin.

LG created a screen mounting bracket and removable. According to preliminary learn the TV connected to the central control system with a special connection cable. All ports and controls hardware keys quickly be placed in the control system and does not exist on the display panel.

The connector image as HDMI, antenna placed behind. While the sides are the hardware keys control the TV and 3 USB ports. owns LG 55EA5700 4 color pixel technology, including 4 composite WRGB pixels, ie we have added a white pixel to enhance TV brightness.

Color Filter Color Refiner helps reduce eye fatigue phenomenon long time. Angle of the TV screen and can say very wide, and the colors are very attractive.

The resolution of this TV is Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels, the data sheet at the LG exhibit the records of 8.3 million pixels which is equivalent to 4K. But the eyes are fairly predictable resolution of this TV series.

.Well as the popular TV series of LG, 55EA5700 also owns Smart TV platform compatible controller magic and Time Features Machine II allows 2-way recording TV signals on your hard drive.

Sample this TV also supports CINEMA 3D with passive technology familiar. LG has not announced the price details for this product in Vietnam. Last year LG are expected to show a more OLED TVs with curved screen panels.



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