Love You Netflix

The evolution of multimedia has allowed us in less than 10 years have been able to do without the task of having to go to a video store to rent a movie, to pass to have a juicy offer of titles at the touch of a button on our mobile, computer or television. All this thanks to Netflix and its competitors – also the illegals, of course -.

But a particularity that Netflix has in all that is that their own productions have been known as the flagship of their platform, reaching unrivaled successes such as House of Cards or Stranger Things.

As we can imagine, based on this success and to continue being competitive, Netflix does not intend to abandon its own productions and is preparing an endless number of projects of which we had no idea.

So take a list and get ready, because this is what you’ll see on Netflix in the coming years:

Queer Eye:

The well-known show from the early 2000s, focused on fashion and aesthetics, will be reborn in 2018 as an exclusive Netflix production.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance:

Expected for more than 30 years, The Dark Crystal will finally have its well-deserved sequel. This modern fairytale created by Jim Henson, made exclusively with puppets, will return to once again capture a whole generation.

Watership Down:

In partnership with the BBC, Netflix will once again take the Richard Adams novel to the big screen, which had already been adapted in 1978. Among the cast of actors responsible for voicing the film is: James McAvoy, John Boyega and Ben Kingsley.

Carmen Sandiego:

Possibly this is one of the most important events in the list of are coming to Netflix, especially for those born in the 90, of course. Surely we all remember Carmen Sandiego very much, the video game franchise, comics and even an animated series that for years fostered a taste for mystery and exploration.

The Umbrella Academy:

The well-known comic created by the singer of the band My Chemical Romance arrives at Netflix this year, starring Ellen Page.

Game Over, Man!:

Moving to the field of humor, Game Over, Man! It will present the story of three waiters from Las Vegas, destined to thwart a terrorist attack and rescue the reggae artist Shaggy from the clutches of the enemy.

The Ritual:

The film directed by David Bruckner explores the relationship of a group of friends who goes on a trip to the forest after the death of one of them. Upon arrival, some unexpected events will cause them to be on the verge of madness.


This production, starring Alexander Skarsgård, finds inspiration in the aesthetics of Blade Runner and will use the scenario of a dystopian future to dive through the confines of human nature, from the perspective of a mute man who seeks the love of his life.

Lost in Space:

The popular television series of the 60s, which tells the adventures of a family lost in deep space will have a new remake, remember that at the end of the 90s there was already a film inspired by it.




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