Malena Costa Starts The New Year With A Sad Loss

2018 begins with a very bitter and sad taste for Malena Costa. The model has explained in her Instagram profile that her dog Llisa has died at 13 years old.

Malena Costa With dogExcited and depressed at the sad news, the wife of Mario Suarez wanted to dedicate a sense to her in her blog where she talks about everything she has lived with her pet:

“The year for me does not start with the best news, but I am going to think positively. And today I have a new guardian angel. Today my dog ​​Llisa has died, at 13 years old, I have her since I was 15.

“I want to pay a little tribute here with you and the truth that I need to write to be able to vent, from a distance, since I have not been able to say goodbye to her, nor give her one last hug.”

In addition, Llisa was a fundamental pillar for Malena during her adolescence:

“Some time ago I said that as a child I had some problems with some friends and I came to feel alone once and knowing that I had my dog, to give us walks on the beach, to hug her, to play with her, to put her in my bed when my parents did not see me, just to enjoy their company.

“That made me feel very happy, it made me feel that I was not so alone, it was my best therapy and My best support, that’s when our relationship was forged forever”

“You do not know the company and the love that a puppy can give”

And finally to say goodbye to her, Malena Costa has published this photograph of Llisa with her dog Roco: “Roco was in love with Llisa, she was his reference point.”



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