Microsoft completely redesigns Skype for desktop

After revamping the mobile version Microsoft finally redesigns the desktop version of  Skype.


We all have experienced the latest mobile version of Skype 8.0. The latest Skype mobile version, due to its user friendly design, crossed a Billion users on Play store. After testing the mobile version on Desktop, Microsoft finally launched the updated design for Windows and Mac. To enjoy the perks of this latest design, you have to update your skype to the latest version.

This new design holds customized themes, ability to sort chats chronologically, or if they are unread, or you can sort them status wise. The new notification panel lets you manage your missed calls, reaction to messages and mentions in group chats. The new version also supports add-ins with which you can add Giphy images or YouTube videos directly into chats.

The new highlights feature, which we can see in mobile version, is not available in Skype for desktop for some indefinite reason. However, Microsoft plans to add the feature in the near future.

The new Skype is now available for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS. So update your skype and enjoy!



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