Microsoft Office Released For Android

Microsoft Office Released For Android : After launch Office Mobile for iPhone, Microsoft has released the official version of Office Mobile for Android.
Microsoft Office Released For AndroidOffice Mobile for Android is not a version for tablets.Office Mobile for Android is the cloud version of Office, require the user to have an internet connection to use, just like iphone user’s..

This application will allow users of the Google operating system can quickly edit Office files including basic Excel, PowerPoint and Word. Version for Android also supports data storage on SkyDrive.

Microsoft said that Office Mobile designed specifically for small screen devices Android phones, although many people prefer to edit documents on the big screen of a tablet.

The company has a version for iPad and Android tablets, called Office Web Apps. But that runs in a web browser and requires a constant online connection. The new Android software is an application that is installed on the phone and can work offline.Microsoft released its app for free.

But users must use the cloud service Office 365’s Office. They can use this version of Office for Android .
Android users can now download Office Mobile for Android.



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