Microsoft Revealed How Edge Browser Is Different From Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge Browser development group has revealed details of the changes worth noting that this browser to be different than its predecessor Internet Explorer.

Microsoft EdgeMicrosoft has developed a new engine for this browser, eliminating many technological features from old IE to bring efficiency, security and higher reliability. For building new sites, Microsoft Edge has used its new engine named Edge HTML instead of the MSHTML (Trident) of Internet Explorer. Edge HTML has been developed based on the Trident but eliminates the source of the old IE versions and major rewrite code in web standards and better interaction with other modern browsers. The development team says it has removed more than 220,000 lines of code; more than 300 APIs and 6 text mode Edge HTML capital belongs on Trident and also adding new lines of code than 300.00, 49 key features and fix more 4200 compatibility issue.

Here are some of the technologies and APIs are no longer supported on Microsoft Edge. Many of these technologies have been programming instructions to suggest removal from previous versions of IE, and the transition to the new engine has allowed the development team completely eliminated. To ensure compatibility with Microsoft Edge website as well as other modern browsers, Microsoft also advised developers not to develop and exploit the old technology. However, some technology continues to be supported on Internet Explorer on Windows 10, for those users and businesses that depend on them.

ActiveX Objects & Browser Helper (BHO)

ActiveX is a model of open tools wide introduced in 1996, and it allows programmers to embed Windows technologies like COM / OLE on site. These tools can be downloaded and installed from a website and then loaded into the process and display on IE. Meanwhile, BHO is an extension tool model introduced after ActiveX 1 year, and it lets programmers write entities COM is loaded in the browser process and can perform actions on the window and browser module. BHOs are often used to develop the toolbar (Toolbar) on IE.

Why is removed?

The need to use the ActiveX control tool has decreased by more premium features of HTML5, which creates an interactive source between browsers. Microsoft Edge will support PDF and Adobe Flash display as an integrated feature instead install extensions. The development team has also recently announced expansion model modern tools than on HMTL / JavaScript to extend the functionality of the browser next to HTML5. This model will be implemented after Microsoft Edge was released this summer.

The Text Mode

Since IE8, Internet Explorer has been integrated text mode. The function of this mode is to emulate the older version of IE if the site requested. Edge browser, Microsoft only supports a single text mode to minimize the burden for browser compatibility. These features will be tested before proven stability and ready to activate the default.

Vector Markup Language (VML)

VML is an XML-based format for vector 2D graphics objects and are subject made in 1998, first support on IE5. VML is now replaced by the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) by better interoperability with modern browsers.


VBScript is a programming language developed based on Visual Basic. It was introduced in 1996 to give web developers a language option when writing code on the web. With Microsoft Edge, VBScript has been replaced by ECMAScript 6 (ES6).

IE8 Layout

Microsoft has not integrated type layout handling special layout of IE8 on Edge. Most web sites today are designed according to the standard layout and what needs of IE8 old layout can still be displayed by Enterprise Mode.

Filter and Motion DirectX

2 features are integrated into IE to assist programmers to easily apply graphic effects on the components on site. On the Edge, Microsoft said that the same effect could have been due to CSS3 and SVG without DirectX. Furthermore, many old features have also been removed from Microsoft Edge and was replaced by the current model longer than. Such as MIME filters, components to manage printing feature, the Explorer bar, Timer Counter, Accelerator, download manager, security manager, Shell Helper function, the options in the menu under Language landscape. There are many changes on Microsoft Edge and if interested you can see more in 2 link source.



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