Microsoft SmartWatch New Glass Body Design

Microsoft SmartWatch New Glass Body Design: Microsoft SmartWatch is being tested by a team of engineers from developing Xbox.
Microsoft SmartWatch New Glass Body DesignPreviously, Delicate have been reported by Microsoft watches SmartWatch is being tested by a team of engineers from developing Xbox as well as development engineer on the sensor Kinect.

However, a source recently revealed to the site that The Verge, Microsoft has transferred all responsibility for the design and development of smart meter for Surafce team.

Thus, from now on, all decisions about design features to depend entirely on the development team members RT tablet Surface / Surface Pro.

Microsoft’s goal is not clear in what it is, but many people start thinking about the prospect of wrist devices have sharp contours as series Surface.

Regarding configuration, some information leaked in advance to know more likely Microsoft SmartWatch will be equipped with a screen size of 1.5, 6GB memory, LTE connectivity support, with the ability to control music as well as to display the message such as email, instant messaging , calls etc.

Additionally, Microsoft is also trying to integrate a custom version of Windows 8 on the wrist watches, and promises all data on the device will be cloud-based storage perhaps it will closely interact with SkyDrive.

Mention of the material SmartWatch , the website said with certainty that the smart meter will be reflexive and frame Oxynitride aluminum, an expensive material, hard and durable than 3 times the diameter material.

Besides, Microsoft will SmartWatch allows the user to replace the strap with multiple color options: red, black, white, blue, yellow and gray.

Unfortunately not yet have any information regarding the release date of the smart meter from Microsoft this.



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