Microsoft Tag Will Officially Death On 2015

Microsoft Tag Will Officially Death On 2015: Microsoft has today confirmed that the company will officially deaths Microsoft Tag on 19/8 2015.

Microsoft Tag Officially DeathMicrosoft Tag technology is a form of HCCB basically it functions quite similar to the QR Code.

We can see there is a large amount of stored information in the form of external image the polka dots lines or colorful stripes so easy to imagine then you go to the topic of shared applications for Windows Phone will see.

To use Microsoft Tag, users need to have the Microsoft Tag application on the smartphone then this app will make use of the camera to scan the code on a Microsoft Tag.

Though Windows Phone is more time to develop and Microsoft Tag are becoming more common.

However, the U.S. technology group said that although Microsoft Tag is a digital technology is very important but continue to use it at this time was no longer fit with other initiatives and priorities.

Microsoft finally says Microsoft Tag will not die completely, it will sell all this technology for a company that provides services QR Code other, called Scanbuy .

According to Microsoft Tag which will then be integrated into the platform ScanLife by Scanbuy month on 18/9 this year and Microsoft said that they will give the customer a long time for them to move on to plan ScanLife platform.



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