Moto Z Review, The Thinnest Smartphone Just Launched

Inevitably, many people already knew about the ultra-thin clamshell phone with extremely unique design. Moto Z however in every case is still a slim phone to surprise those people.Moto Z graphics

For now, we can say this is just the thin alone, enough for Moto Z to become different from the rest of the smartphone market then.

Design is not so good as well as the point that you can feel from the phones right from the first use but there are still many bad aspects. Of course, Moto Z has a large number of limitations related to the user experience as the fingerprint key had recently taken the front row virtual keys, DPI is not good and it no longer have a 3.5mm jack.

Anyway, you definitely will have a surprisingly thin experience when you first pick up the phone in your hand. You will not feel this type of thinner experience in any other smartphone. If you compare 5.19mm Moto Z with 7.3 mm iPhone 7 Plus, 8.1mm Xperia XZ and 7.7mm Galaxy S7’s Edge, you will feel a big difference.

Moto Z Dimensions

Moto Z is lightweight (136g) – This factor combined with the impressive thickness creates a strange feeling that you will not easily felt on the phone market in 2-3 years. If you see Moto Z as a sharp knife to go through the torn fence in dozens of phones with similar ones, it would be an understatement.

Moto’s approach to user Z similar to the way that rocked Motorola Razr flip phone market when it launched in 2005. Motorola has and the use of thinner compared with rivals to make weapons competitive atmosphere. Both Moto Z and Motorola Razr own distinctive design compared to other products with the goal of creating something imprinted in the minds of users.

Willing to talk about design, the front of the Moto Z: nothing attractive if not too messy and ugly, especially on the white / gold. You have a lot of round holes: proximity sensor, front camera, flash, two infrared sensors (located on either side of the home button).

Moto z Front

Besides affecting the habits and actions used, the higher Underline + virtual keyboard also makes your typing experience more difficult. The back of the machine is confused, divided into 3 horizontal striped pattern and further failed to make the top-down seamlessly.

Another thing you should take into account is that, Moto Z no longer use a 3.5mm jack, but earphone attached to the unit to use a 3.5mm jack without any early move. I have not quite understand this decision because obviously your Motorola is not no way attached headset comes into your phone. It is not clear in its box with the missing strand exchange or not, to her go back and ask for you to update.

In short Moto Z in the thin make everything. But not only is not enough to help thin Moto Z successful because the overall design, but has failed to make distinctions but the emphasis, not feeling superior as rivals HTC, Sony, Samsung.



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