Motorola Moto X Android Interface

Motorola Moto X Certified Version Pure Android Interface: At the launch of Moto X , Motorola has officially confirmed that the company will cooperate with Google to launch a version of Moto X interface using pure Android in the future.
Motorola Moto X Android InterfaceAs such after Galaxy S4, HTC One , Moto X will be the third smartphone to use the Android base. This is a good news for those who prefer to experience the simple, sleek Android pure but love the design of Moto X.

It is still unclear price and specific time using Android Moto X original version sold on Google Play Store, some rumors says likely Moto X versions will cost $ 300 range.

Anyway, we should wait for an answer from Google and Motorola in the coming months. many you wonder why Moto X – which is a smartphone developed by Motorola, along with support from Google – the version used more pure Android interface to do.

To understand why, you need to know that although Motorola Moto X Android user interface close to the original one but because it is delivered by the network in the U.S., so before when sold on the market, all of Moto X are installing some apps or even main interface from which the network.

Additionally, ask yourself the question why to use Moto X Android 4.2 .2 instead of the latest Android 4.3?

Certainly both Motorola and Google wants to put Android 4.3 on the Moto X, but both have some back problems but here are the distributors for their phone, the home network.

And from those causes, Motorola and Google to develop plans to use the version of the Android interface net Moto X.



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