Mozilla Firefox Touch For Windows 8 Will Be Released

Mozilla Firefox Touch Interface For Windows 8 Will Be Released: Notes from a meeting of Mozilla just happened recently suggested version Firefox own touch interface style Windows 8 will be launched in December this year.
Mozilla Firefox Touch For Windows 8 Will Be ReleasedThe notes mentioned early beta version of Firefox Metro interface is expected to debut in September, and in October the Beta will appear.

Mozilla adds that touch features will be the main factor of Firefox 26 and according to plan it will be officially released on 10/12.

During the period of time from here to there, Mozilla will take some time to complete as well as fix the beta release of the browser.

Besides Mozilla, Google also plans to launch Chrome with Modern UI / Metro to fit with the Windows 8 PC with touch screen.

But is not clear how long this Chrome new version is published.

And now, if you want Firefox to trial the touch interface invites you to see the article provides Mozilla Firefox beta style interface with Windows 8.

  • The first build will be completed in 13 days 26/8
  • The first build will be completed in 14 days 10/9
  • Taken with Aurora 26 on 16/9
  • The 15th and 16th will build complete, prepare for Release Preview
  • An Aurora Firefox builds for Windows will be posted under the name Metro Preview Release
  • The build is 17, still in Aurora, will be used to fix bugs and tweak the interface, features
  • Once complete, it will build 17 included in Firefox Beta on 28.10.2013, provides users want to test
  • The build 18 and 19 will appear depending on feedback from Beta users
  • Officially launched Firefox 26 after completing 20th builds on 12/10/2013.


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