MS Office Suite Arrives For iPad

MS Office Suite Arrives For iPad: The iPad is now MS Office. The suite comes in the form of three apps that can be downloaded individually, MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. Each tips the scales at 200 MB, more and if all you want to do with them is ogle files, share articles, cut and paste them, then they are free too.
MS Office Suite For iPadWord is possibly the most used application here , and comes placed with spell checker, number of words ,templates , lots of formatting options and compliments be, the opportunity to make modifications and comments, so it is as close to an editor tool on the iPad as we have seen.
Office for iPad

Excel comes with supports for tables and formulas, and most remarkably with a special keyboard that allows you to mess around with formulas and functions. PowerPoint comes with a lot of templates and the option to insert pictures into your demonstration.
Office suite for iPadYes some might complain that they do not get control of grammar, but really it’s very decent apps for lovers to manage documents, spreadsheets and demonstrations on their iPads. And all three apps are well developed, they look much less messy than their Windows, and oh the irony, are much more helpful touch that MS Office on Windows 8 devices. Best of all, interface with files created in MS Office desktop or laptop is exceptional.

The big issue, of course is whether all this will make MS Office favorite office suite for iPad users? A year ago our answer would be a resounding yes and unambiguous. Today, however must be tempered by the fact that Apple has begun offering its own set of free new iWork apps iPads. And they are very awesome in terms of features and design.

Also there are free alternatives like Google and QuickOffice Drive around and see people ask if it’s worth paying a monthly or annual fee for an office suite? Finally there is the appeal of alternative office suites like Documents to Go, which give you a lifetime of ownership of a lower payment at once.

We can definitely see using MS Office heavily on their computers to jump at the chance to be able to see your files with almost all their intact on their tablets and good formatting, storing your files online OneDrive will love application as well, but the biggest challenge facing the new office suite is to convert those who have already downloaded and are using alternative office suite on their iPads.

Unless one is working in an environment where there is a broad exchange of documents and files and a lot of reviews and editing honestly can not see too many leave elegant combination of Apple Pages, Numbers and KeyPoint to MS Office. And while Google Drive is a much clearer case, those who are used to not want to wander too far from it. Finally we can not see many people being comfortable with a monthly registration, when other developers are offering suites for a one-time payment.

And honestly, if you have an Office365 membership, you’d be a fool not to download this suite. But if you have been addicted to the alternative and four years can build some very stubborn addictions apply MS Office for iPad gives you no reason to change from now.

I think Microsoft needs to look at these rates of subscription and made ​​all model as such if you want to attract mainstream users rather than the company. However, all said and done, you can not support the arrival of the Office suite on the tablet.

Available from: iTunes App Store ( MSword , Excel, PowerPoint)



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