New LG G Watch Price And Specs

New LG G Watch release date, price and specs: LG has verified its G Watch will be the first smartwatch to release running Android Wear.
LG G Watch release date, price and specsThe G Watch is still in progression so we were only able to look at the style of the prototype gadget. It uses only touch input so there are no actual buttons. It does have a build-in mic, so you can say “Ok Google” then say instructions or ask questions.

It’s rather similar to Sony’s SmartWatch2 with its sq. design but there’s almost no information so it looks rather stealthy. It’s also nice to see the purposeful use of a standard straps size so you can use whatever strap you like.

lg g watch SpecsLG G Watch: Launch date

LG has been selected by Google as a lead partner on Android Wear, its version particularly made for wearable gadgets like smartwatches. The firm has verified that it strategies to launch G Watch in July. We’ll upgrade you with a more certain date when it will be available.

LG G Watch: Price tag

As well as launch date, LG has told us that the G Watch will be valued at a maximum of £180. This not a final cost so we’ll have to wait and see what suppliers will sell the device for.

LG G Watch: Specifications and features

A full specification page isn’t available for the G Watch yet but there are a variety of things we do know currently. The first thing is that it will be accessible in two different color: Stealth Black and Champagne Gold.
LG G Watch price and specsLike the Samsung Gear2, it will be dirt and water proof so you can get it moist on a run without being worried. Also similar to the Gear2, the G Watch has a set of metallic contacts on the rear with which to charge it, rather of fitting a huge micro-USB port onto it.
LG G WatchIts display will be always-on so you don’t want to click a button or turn your wrist to get some details such as the time, we’ll have to see how that affects battery life.

Voice activation is built-in so customers will be capable to use the ‘Ok Google’ command which is presently offered on some Android smartphones on the market and Google Glass. In Google new style, the G Watch will give you helpful details as a reminder for a conference and how long it will take you to get home.



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