New Monetization Program For Enterprise App Developers To Make Money

In the world of consumer mobile applications, developers have a number of platforms, including iOS and Android, which can be found not only users but also monetize and make money.
New Monetization Program For Enterprise App Developers To Make MoneyConnecting to social networks like Facebook can help distribution, and you can sell your application in the Apple App Store and Google Play or earn money through advertisements.

But in the world of business, this is a challenge that faces any developer of mobile and web applications. Today, the cloud storage company Box hopes to solve this problem for developers by debuting Box $ rev, a new program for developers to monetize their applications in the Box platform.

“This is really about how we can create value for developers and users,” says CEO and co-founder Aaron Levie.

He says that business applications do not monetize well on the App Store or other mobile application platforms, and this will provide a way for companies to developers who are building applications out of the box to realize revenue from users who interact with their applications.

“This is the easiest way to enterprise application developers to make money,” says Levie.

With box $ rev, developers get paid when a visitor Case customer or company uses a third party application that is integrated with the box. Box $ rev, through a new SDK developers should use, measure customer interactions with integrated third-party applications on the box and compensate developers based on the use.

Based on consumption, developers can pay up to 15 percent of the price box per user. If an entire organization with 10,000 seats download a specific application, which could be significant revenue for developers. It also provides a way for the box to see what applications your users interact with most.

“We are rewriting the rules when it comes to supporting the next generation of enterprise application developers,” says Levie.

Box $ rev today launches inaugural ten partners Box OneCloud including CloudOn, Notability, Notes Readdle, PDFExpert, iAnnotate, Genius Scan CamScanner, Contour +, GoodNotes and SmartOffice. Over time, $ rev Box will expand to a broader set of programs and capabilities, says the company.

Box is also releasing new Android and iOS SDKs to add the ability for users to select files through a file selector box secure with just a few lines of code. Box has also added support SSO feature to easily manage the identity of the company.

At the heart of what you are doing is trying to create box wider economy around its API and developer ecosystem.

Box $ rev could be a really interesting way, not only to attract more developers to build out of the box, but also additional information on how your business and business users are interacting with other features and applications that take advantage of storage platforms in the cloud.

Today, the box OneCloud ecosystem includes over 500 integrations of applications including drchrono, Readdle SmartOffice and Notes. And 43% of the Fortune 500 companies are using today OneCloud box applications.



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