New Satellite Laptop Toshiba S40t

New Toshiba Satellite Launch: Toshiba has launched a new line of The New Satellite laptop S40t give you the experience fun and exciting.

Laptop Toshiba S40tJust a few years ago when the tablet is hot people also dream be smoothed gentle, smooth on my laptop screen that is used daily.

And now, Toshiba has touched the dreams not only on its high-end models but even on the popular series in accordance with the students the students.

The New Product Line Satellite S40t with 14.1 inch screen size and the ability to support 10 touch points at the same time quite sensitive and can help you experience on Windows 8 built-in copyright.

You will not have to carry bulky tablet laptop has only two purposes of entertainment and learning.

With S40t your laptop and play Cut the rope into recess may have presentations with professional style of class time will cause the other you have to admire.

With design silver metallic aluminum case brings a modern steam S Series models will create personality traits for your very own. When you bring your computer go people have also looked for great taste to your map technology.

The equipment for S40t the Haswell processor ULV Intel Core i5-4200U speeds up to 2.6GHz, 4GB RAM DDR3L (1600), hard drive capacity up to 750GB HDD that Toshiba has always been one of the first companies style included in the market the latest technology.

S40t have a body is quite remarkable collapse with only 2.52 cm thickness and weighing about 2.15 kg.

To ensure that a product is talented integrity Toshiba has equipped the S Series discrete graphics card Nvidia GeForce GT 740M with 2GB VRAM capacity has the ability to bring powerful graphics processor than both the ability of the screen to the highest resolution keep pace with the development of display technology.

One of the advantages of the series from Toshiba in 2013 this is the Toshiba HDD Accelerator technology which accelerates drive to about 60% due to the advantage of memory caching system.

Besides a strong configuration S40t also promises to provide hours of quality entertainment with Onkyo speaker system with improved audio technology DTS Sound.

Quality audio is reproduced as true and warmer in the cinema, not harsh or flat as products other laptop. Series S Series is also equipped with a new generation of lithium batteries, lighter and up to 1,000 recharges after battery has reached 80% compared to the original performance.



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