Nguyen Thu Thuy Cries For Divorce After 17 Years

The singer admitted that he had completed the divorce proceedings with the entrepreneurial man on the afternoon of November 29.

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Thu Thuy ended the marriage after 3 years of marriage has lingered in the background for a long time. However, today, in an interview with a network newspaper, she officially acknowledged this. The painful singer said with tears “we broke up for 3 months”.

Thu Thuy said her husband could not find a common voice in marriage. Her husband expressed uncomfortable attitude when his wife was filming the MV, working with her male counterpart. The singer explained, but her husband still did not understand. However, she still believes that because of her new jealousy.

Thu Thuy was born less than 17 years ago
Thu Thuy and her husband broke up after 3 years of marriage.

Thu Thuy is still trying to nurture marriage by limiting work, focusing at home to care for her husband. On the contrary, he is not eager for the family. “He is often absent from home, sometimes when he arrives at 5am, I do not know where he is going, with whom, I do not ask because I think everyone needs their own space,” she said.

When the couple broke up, Thu Thuy raised his son alone. Speaking of responsibility to her husband’s children, she cried: “I think all the love is meaningful, I just wish you cared for me, weekend to take me out to play, but for me it is too difficult. You do not seem to want to be busy, you just want to live alone.

Thu Thuy insisted that she was crying when she shared her family’s sad stories not because of the weak memories of her old days. “If I’m weak, I will not be able to go to work, I will not be able to sing well, I will not be able to fulfill my singing duties,” she said.

Thu Thuy has lost the skin after 17 years
Thu Thuy and her husband were married three years ago.

According to her feel, she still finds themselves lucky compared to many other women because they still have family, friends love. “Anybody who supports me, really motivates me to divorce is not a big deal.” In showbiz there are so many broken marriages, “she said.

Talking about the long time together, 17 years, Thu Thuy said: “17 years I do not know what is celibate, today is considered as a holiday.

Because of the 17 years too far so she dared not publicity, afraid of people sad for her. However, she thinks that she has nothing to regret for trying so much. “They both paid off each other” she said.



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