Nokia Is Evaluating Android

Nokia Is Testing Android For Nokia Smartphones: Before Microsoft reached an agreement to acquire the mobile segment of Nokia, the Finnish phone company has been testing Android phones and Microsoft also plans to produce smartphones surface.
Nokia Is Evaluating AndroidBoth options are plan B if Windows Phone fails.

Specifically, a team of secret Nokia has made Android smartphone for testing purposes.

The Nokia project is not just on paper, it has advanced to the stage of product realization.

Nokia with Android Smartphones are true, but only produced in small quantities for testing.

Nokia had faced criticism that it was wrong to choose Windows Phone instead of Android.

The market share of Nokia smartphones declined from 32.8% (2010) to 3% (up to the first half of 2013).

No one was sure Nokia will succeed if you choose Android but you can not be too tragic when using an open operating system like Android-rich applications.

The reason that Nokia plans to use Google’s operating system by Microsoft and Nokia have reached a cooperation agreement 2011-2014.

After 2014, Nokia has two options: one is to continue to use Windows Phone, the two production switched to Android phones.

However, after selling the mobile segment of Microsoft, Nokia does not have the authority to determine the fate Android project.



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