Nokia Lumia 928 Video Capture Test

Nokia Lumia 928 Video Capture Against Galaxy S III And iPhone 5: Nokia continues to tease its new Lumia 928.
Nokia Lumia 928 Video Capture TestNokia this time posting a video showing how the performance of video capture of the next device compares with the Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 5.

As expected, tests its new Lumia Nokia has come out on top, showing a greater saturation and sharper focus on the iPhone 5 and less noise from video images captured by the Galaxy S III.

Besides comparison video, Nokia also released a picture showing the Lumia official black and white 928.

The phone looks like it did in filtering renders we’ve seen in recent months, the corners are more square than the Lumia 920 sports brothers.

We can see a network name which is Verizon Wireless on the home screen of the device above and Nokia also confirmed that the Lumia 928 packs PureView 8.7 megapixel camera.

There is nothing terribly surprising that more teasers are in for the Lumia Nokia 928 thanks to all the times the phone has been leaked recently.

Still, it’s good to be getting official information on the device directly from Nokia instead of several leaks.

Nokia has not yet released two of the most important details on the Lumia 928, however, which are its price and release date.

Here’s hoping that this information is coming soon to Verizon customers can know when they will be able to stop leaks and teases and actually get the 928 in your hands.



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