Nokia New Android Smartphones

Nokia New Android Smartphones: The relationship between Google and Microsoft is always tense and the launch of Android running on Nokia X has left many questions unanswered.
Nokia New SmartphonesJust weeks before the hand of Microsoft , Nokia launched a product can be considered as a painful blow to Windows Phone – Nokia X. The cheap Android smartphone users in March led to close most of the cost.

These products will not compete for market share with the iPhone 5s, Lumia Galaxy S5 or 1020, however, have conquered the task the user is willing to step up from landlines to smartphones.

In the segment of low-end market, the Windows Phone initial success, in which the Lumia 520 is no small victory was achieved.

So why Nokia to move to Android at this time, just a few weeks before hand about Microsoft?

This is a question that Nokia is trying to avoid.

Finnish company said the Nokia X runs the Android fill the gap between ordinary telephone lines Lumia and Asha line high.

The ultimate goal , according to Nokia, is to create an appetizer for the Lumia – attracting people to the smartphone, helping to familiarize yourself with the service experience of Microsoft and eventually lead to more expensive Lumia line more money.

The reason this may sound reasonable, but the observer can easily recognize Nokia plans to have a lot of potential problems.

First, Nokia X configuration is almost identical to the cheaper Lumia 520 Windows Phone , in which the only difference is the camera buttons , memory and navigation. Nokia can use lines to replace Nokia Asha X but with a setup like this, the Finnish company why not install the Nokia Windows Phone to X?

Former CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop, who is about to be the head of Microsoft devices, Nokia has denied that X, X + and XL is only temporary solution to wait for Windows Phone devices Lowest price more pitches.

This model confirmed that Nokia has to compete in the segment that can not reach Windows Phone. “For the price, where Windows Phone is not present, where we can not bring the Lumia experience, Nokia needs to create a product to enter the market, but you can not build an environmental service. Consequently, Android Open Source Project again ( AOSP ) is used to bring the benefits of application compatibility.”

In other words, Nokia is using the product supplement products Android phone , Windows . “This is a price, a market we should use a different technology” for Windows Phone, Elop said. But, with the same configuration and the attack on the lower end of the market – where Windows Phone is gaining ground, it seems Nokia X and cheap products like Windows Phone Lumia 520 will face one day.

Currently, the Lumia 520 Windows Phone is still the most successful , and so suddenly, the Lumia 520 has a rival father but Android is quite confusing. Microsoft will have to find a solution to the question – should abandon the project X or to find a balance between promoting the Windows Phone and the development of applications and services for Nokia X.

It is likely that the first Microsoft solution choice.

In this case X Nokia, Google is not the winner. Nokia X does not officially support Google services except Google itself launch services in Android Market Applications Nokia. Whenever the name Android was sung, Nokia quickly mention the name of the Microsoft services.
Nokia New Android SmartphonesThe listener feel that Nokia has launched the X , Microsoft had to apologize. While the X will promote the Microsoft , Windows Phone also faces a risk is not small – Nokia X with Android so that users only need a certain market applications and applications that use alternative to Microsoft services .

It is clear that the user is not tied entirely to OneDrive, Outlook or Skype using Nokia X. In any case, Microsoft has killed Telephone X project or not , chances are that the phone is why Microsoft had to buy Nokia. Despite having 90% of world production but Windows Phone Nokia has launched a Windows Phone Android have set too close to the most common form.

This danger signs that Microsoft can not sit still to give your partner the switch to Android.

When you buy Nokia, Microsoft may provide future stream X. But when viewed from a different perspective, Microsoft is launching the X indicates the company’s founder Bill Gates is no longer the construction of the priorities of the operating system dominated the market again.

New CEO Satya Nadella said Microsoft now put the cloud, mobile set to end, and this statement clearly reflects the direction of Microsoft . Stephen Elop said – “I think in many internal Microsoft have mixed reviews, but I think with strategically placed” above the clouds all and with the ambition to bring the service to Microsoft for tens of millions of people previously did not have access to these services is a great opportunity.

“Currently, the X is just a way to try Nokia’s new strategy, a way to help this company can expect to see if the software developer must transfer the application to a new platform and Windows Phone developer help or not. Growing market applications Windows phone is definitely too slow for Nokia and clearly Microsoft’s operating system can not touch the lower price range previously Symbian.

In addition, the Nokia X, Microsoft and Nokia may affect Google in the same way Amazon did with the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire and Nokia X lacks Google services, so that the process of the transaction within the application, location data, notifications and messages from Nokia and Microsoft is not Google will control. By removed from the main Google Android, Nokia will attract millions of users in stages, leaving ordinary phone to ultra – cheap products like Nokia X.

In fact thanks, cheap phone has been the most important market for Nokia. This is clearly shown at MWC 2014 – Nokia opened the event with the launch of a popular phone has a price below 30 euros. In the low-end market , there are few applications to buy, but the transaction is carried out within the accounts of the application of 92 % of sales.

When Microsoft Nokia in hand, all of these users belong to the Microsoft ecosystem.

Many people believe that Microsoft will soon kill the X but Microsoft probably will follow closely the journey of this Android smartphone to assess if it can help attract service users or not Microsoft.

In short, the number of people participating in the Microsoft service is very low compared to Apple services and Google, as iCloud or Gmail. However, Microsoft will have to be very careful when you go in this direction. The application developer may misinterpret that only need to bring your application to the Android Market and Windows Phone Nokia ignored.

By contrast, those who never intended to develop applications for Windows Mobile can now as proof of service across Android, from Microsoft, then you might decide to set foot on Windows Mobile. Decision was launched Nokia X Nokia but Microsoft will have to suffer the consequences. If the software giant does not know right direction controversial choice for this smartphone, Windows Phone could become the next Microsoft in the fall of mobile market.



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