Nuns Who Weave For Miley Cyrus And Lady Gaga In Spain

Miley Cyrus always wants to be the first to wear the Spanish designs. She wore this outfit at a festival in Las Vegas.

The Virgin Mary: “The black crochet ‘top’ you ordered is already finished, it has been beautiful.”

The WhatsApp message was sent from a cloistered convent in full onubense saw for Madrid and is complete with a photo of the piece, which will end in a foreign closet after parading at Cibeles.

Perhaps in the celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or Rihanna, who love the models that run the delicate hands of the religious. Like her, the rest of her sisters in the Congregation of the Discalced strive to finish by hand the commissions that did not stop arriving from the Spanish firm Maria Ke Fisherman for which they have been working for three years, when the designers María Lemus and Víctor Alonso stood with their proposal at the door of the convent.

María loves to include crochet pieces in her collections, which she has mixed on the catwalk with reflective elements. It reminds her of her childhood, raised among needles in her village of Villafranca de los Barros thanks to her seamstress mother.

That’s why she likes to dress her models with this genre. And their clients love them too; not just the famous ones. “Three years ago we had such a large crochet order from a very important store in New York that we saw that with the artisans of Extremadura we were working with, it was not enough to deliver it on time,” recalls Lemus.



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