Oh My God What Happen With Her An Iranian Star

The young woman is named Sahar Tabar and has undergone about 50 cosmetic surgery operations to look like the actress, her idol.

نگو مثه اونام..!

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Angelina Jolie is a star of the Hollywood film industry and as such has millions of fans around the world. But in the last hours one of them has become viral and is going around the world to take his fanaticism to the actress too far in an attempt to look like her.

The name of this fervent admirer is Sahar Tabar and she is a young woman of 22 years old from Tehran (Iran) who, according to the Belgian portal Sud Info , has undergone 50 operations of cosmetic surgery and has lost 40 kilos in pursuit of her goal of becoming in the double of his idol.

Sahar would have retouched his entire face, from his eyes to his lips, through his nose, cheekbones or jaw, and since last March he has regularly shared photos of his “transformation process” on Instagram.

Netizens have described the result as disastrous, stating that far from looking like Angelina Jolie, it looks like a “zombie”, a “corpse” or the very “corpse Bride” of the Tim Burton movie. However, many have realized that it does not always look the same in all their publications so they have questioned whether really has undergone so many aesthetic operations or its bizarre appearance is simply a product of prosthesis, Photoshop and / or makeup.

In addition to becoming viral, Sahar has also become a phenomenon on Instagram and in a few hours has seen his number of followers increase to more than 560,000. To date, all her activity is summarized in 31 publications in which there is none that predates the process to look like Angelina Jolie. But on Twitter they have shared these two images of him before and after.



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