Gold Plated HTC One 60 Million

New HTC One With Gold Plated High Prices:  Goldgenie has introduced the HTC One line consumers with optional gold plating, rose gold and platinum with the lowest price is equivalent to about 60 million.
Gold Plated HTC One 60 MillionGoldgenie will allow the user to select the color of the black and white, before the gold or platinum products.

This brand offers consumers three service packages to choose from, cheapest gold plated version at around $ 2,900, followed by a rose gold plated for $ 3,082 and the most expensive platinum version is priced at $ 3,200.

In addition to products, the housing can also quite unique and sophisticated, with oak material from high-end Beats headphones comes with dock remote connection.

A microphone and a certificate from Goldgenie. All machines brought to consumers are the unlocked version online, worldwide use.

Goldgenie is renowned company specializing in the smartphone, tablet and clocks in the UK.

Before that the brand has launched many product lines gilt unique diamond.

Striking is the iPhone 5 364 diamond encrusted, with up to 5.5 carat weight.



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