Online Shopping; A Challenge for Pakistanis But Still Growing

Online Shopping; A Challenge for Pakistanis But Still GrowingAre you reluctant in buying things on the web despite the prevailing online shopping trend? Do you have concerns that keep you refrained from going for this option? The online shopping is privileged to become one of the trendiest activities in Pakistan, but there are still some people who don’t trust it. Some aren’t satisfied with the inability to touch and see a product, while others are scared of security issues. The online shopping doesn’t suffice this class and they still go for the conventional brick and mortar shopping. Let’s analyze some of the major factors why it is still a challenge for Pakistanis.

  1. Inability to Touch and Feel a Product

As mentioned above, this is the first and foremost reason why people don’t prefer online shopping. For instance, there are different types of clothes, and sometimes, the digital screen fails to distinguish between the two. Therefore, this becomes a major hurdle in their way to online shopping.

To overcome this issue, some retailers allow the consumers to unpack the received product and inspect it in detail. But, it couldn’t help because the buyer has to pay no matter what. People who are too conscious and want perfection in everything still avoid online shopping.

  1. Security Issues in Payment

No matter how transparent a system may seem, the security issues are inevitable in Pakistan. The same is the case with online shopping as the likelihood of bank account details being shared is apparent. The Cash on Delivery (COD) is a secure option, but it is usually available for average-costing mundane items only. There are several Pakistani stores such as Buyoye and Yayvo which offer cash on delivery even on costly items but for most of the expensive items such as electronic gadgets, you have to pay in advance for delivery and that’s where the risk arises.

  1. No Secured Warranty

What do you do when you find a fault in the item you bought at a physical store? You simply go to that store and return it. The process isn’t as simple at online stores as it is at a conventional shop. The Internet retailers do allow you to return and exchange a product you find defective, but you can hardly avail it out of complexity. One has to fill the return form, contact the store, go to the delivery shop and then post it back. Still, you are never sure what happens next! The length and complication involved in the process make a buyer reluctant in shopping online.

  1. Delivery Problems

Some stores send a message a few hours before sending a product to your doorstep, but others don’t. You order a product and then wait for it to be delivered on an expected day, but you don’t receive it. You cancel your plans to go out just to be there to receive your ordered item. It pisses a buyer off and prevents him from buying things online in the future.

There are people who love online shopping, but there are some that do the exact opposite. The latter ones have the above-mentioned reasons for resentment and they aren’t entirely wrong. However, the e-commerce market has been overcoming these flaws for the past few months and has gained success up to some extent.



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