Pakistanis Speedily Embracing Online Shopping

Pakistanis Speedily Embracing Online ShoppingWe live in an era of advancement and technology where every aspect of our lives has been digitalized. Therefore, we don’t shop the way we used to back in the 90s. We just fish the phones out of our pockets and order things online. The hours’ long process of the past has now been compacted in a few minutes and all thanks to the digital blessings. The wave of online shopping has swept past the underdeveloped countries like Pakistan and people are happily flowing in it.

The Increasing Working Class in Pakistan Opting for Online Shopping

There was a time when the working class confined to males in Pakistan. However, the trend has now been changed and women are jumping into the category with the fastest pace ever. Therefore, they are getting busier and busier with their lives and it’s already a challenge for them to maintain their work-life balance. They neither have time to buy things for themselves nor for their families. In these circumstances, the online shopping trend serves them as a maid serves her mistress. She orders whatever she wants and it gets delivered to her doorsteps within a few working days. The increase in the number of working class becomes the major reason for the ever increasing customers’ inclination towards online shopping. There are several websites such as 24hours, Yayvo & Getnow store which are especially targeting price conscious Pakistani audiences.

Online Shopping is a Life-Saver for Boys

Shopping is considered as a female trait and it isn’t entirely wrong. Girls love spending hours and hours of their time in buying a simple thing. On the contrary, boys abhor it a lot. If they go out for shopping, they go straight to the stores they trust and buy from them. Now when they have an option of online shopping, they hardly ever go to malls unless it’s too necessary. Since men are large in number in Pakistan, their love for online shopping contributes a lot to the overall number of Internet customers.

Buying on the Web is Easy and Convenient

Online shopping brings a lot of bounties to customers. They get to save their time as well as their energies while shopping online. Neither the traffic nor the weather conditions in some of the big cities in Pakistan are favorable for shopping. Then, why go out in the scorching sun and stuck hours and hours in traffic to reach the mall when you can shop right at your fingertips? Moreover, the infrastructure of small cities is shabby that creates a lot of problems for people to travel a long distance. Since they don’t have malls in their cities, they have to travel miles and miles just to buy one item. Therefore, people living in small cities and rural areas also prefer online shopping nowadays.

What is more, it saves you money! You don’t have to pay the delivery fee to most of the online retailers and it saves your traveling expenses. People find online shopping convenient and feasible; therefore, they prefer it more than physical buying.



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