Qualcomm Launches Snapdragon 805

Qualcomm Has Launches Its New Snapdragon 805: Qualcomm recently launched its Snapdragon Soc 805 Ultra HD. Snapdragon 805 is a more powerful version of Snapdragon 800 which is appearing in the high end smartphone.
Snapdragon 805 It is equipped with Adreno 420 graphics processing 40 % more powerful than the Adreno 330 Snapdragon present in 800.

Four CPU of Krait 450, the maximum running at 2.5 GHz clock speed, faster and more powerful than the 400 2.3 GHz Krait predecessor.

These two factors will bring experience to enjoy content resolution 4K Ultra HD on mobile devices and Smart TVs better, realistic images and more vivid , visual effects show more details. Snapdragon 805 also supports output 4K images to the screen mounted on the device along with the external monitor output.

Besides it also promises that 805 Snapdragon will bring speed to run multimedia and applications faster browsing through the memory bandwidth up to 25.6 GB/s 450 in combination with the new Krait.

 There were Snapdragon 805 samples to provide hardware companies and will appear on the product commercialized in the first half of next year.

805 Snapdragon Soc can shoot with receiver MDM9x25 Gobi mobile signal produced on 28nm lines that Qualcomm revealed earlier this year.

MDM9x25 support multiple frequency bands as well as mobile network LTE standard 4 speed 150Mbps which helps companies bring their LTE devices to market faster.

The equipment manufacturers have another option, which is the Gobi MDM9x35 and when used with the chip, it will help WTR3925 smartphone/tablet users with LTE-A network speeds up to 300Mbps while power consumption is reduced.

The main features of Snapdragon 805:

  • Four 450 CPU clocked at 2.5 GHz Krait , memory bandwidth 25.6 GB/s.
  • Adreno 420 graphics core rendering 4K support for high speed and low power consumption.
  • Support of Ultra – HD 4K images on the screen of the device parallel to the external display, HEVC 4K video decoding.
  • Support Dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11ac VIVE Qualcomm, allowing 4K content transmitted over the wireless network.
  • Promises to increase processing speed and image quality with signal processor, Dual Image.
  • Compatible receiver signal Gobi MDM9x25 LTE and Gobi MDM9x35. 


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