Robin Hood Origins: New Poster Launched with Jamie Foxx

A new poster for the adventure film ‘Robin Hood Origins’ arrives. Counting with one of its main actors: Jamie Foxx. Within a powerful adaptation of the classic starring Welsh actor Taron Egerton.

The action and adventure film ‘Robin Hood Origins’ now comes with a new character poster. Specifically with the recreated by the actor Jamie Foxx, one of the protagonists of the argument.

Jamie Foxx continues like this in the action genre after a long list of titles behind him.

For his part Taron Egerton, debuted before the public in the film ‘Secret Service’ and now is postulated as one of the new values ​​of action films with papers also confirmed precisely for the sequel to the comic adaptation of Mark Millar, besides being in the bets to join one of the many comic book adaptations that are on the verge of being announced. Now it is the new Robin Hood of the cinema within a high-impact film.

The project of ‘Robin Hood Origins’ was delayed in the filming schedule to leave time for Taron Egerton to finish ‘Secret Service 2’, very possibly counting on Matthew Vaughn with the script and the production of the film, not in the direction, leaving the witness as usual in his projects that trigger sequels (‘X MEN: First Generation’ or ‘Kick Ass’ are good examples of this).

Watch The Latest Trailer: Robin Hood Origins



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