RockMelt Browser With Social Networking Features

RockMelt The New Internet Browser Integrated Social Networking Features: Yahoo recently said that they have acquired RockMelt, the company wrote off the browser of the same name have the ability to tightly integrate with Facebook.
RockMelt Browser With Social Networking FeaturesRockMelt said that all their apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8 as well as the official website will stop working. Users from here to there time to save your data.

From now on they will not accept any new users to participate using their products. RockMelt thanks to customers because taught us many things, and we will apply all these things to work at Yahoo.

The Yahoo is saying that they will RockMelt integrates technology into its platform with no specific application contemplated.

RockMelt is a small startup company founded in 2010 experience with the product is a browser have the ability to integrate content from Facebook alongside normal web content.

After unsuccessful in attracting many users as originally intended, a few months ago the company decided to stop development of the browser.

Instead, their focus shifted writing app for mobile devices that feature displays content from social networks to interface magazine as Flipboard.

Yahoo did not disclose the value of acquisitions RockMelt, however the more money that Yahoo would be about 60 to 70 million.

In recent months, Yahoo has acquired many small and medium companies.

In addition, to the company also acquired social network Tumblr.



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