Russian Content Reaches 126 Billion US Facebook Users

Recently Facebook has reported that almost 126 million American users have viewed the content published by Russian operatives over the last two years.

According to the Facebook insights about 80,000 posts were published before and after the famous presidential election 2016.Majority of the posts were based on disruptive social and political messages. Facebook took a good step and presented the statistics to Senate along with the Twitter and Google data showing the Russian Strong influence on the popular sites.


But in contrast Russia has recurrently repudiated all allegations regarding the influence on US presidential election, in which Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. President Donald Trump has rejected all allegations pertinent to conspiracy with Moscow and has openly said that Mrs. Clinton is the one who should be investigated.

Google also exposed on Monday that Russian trolls had published more than 1,000 political videos on YouTube on 18 different channels. In the meantime, Twitter also found and adjourned all 2,752 accounts that it had any link to the Russia-based Internet Research Agency.



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