Samsung Create The Display Of Google Glass

Samsung Will Create The Display Of Google Glass: There are still months to find someone walking down the street with your Google Glass.
Samsung Create The Display Of Google GlassBut keep popping information that are shaping the performance and final appearance of lenses expected Google.

The latter according to South Korea announces half the small display of the glasses will be manufactured by Samsung.

The Samsung OLED display replaced LCOS or Liquid Crystal on Silicon used in the Explorer Edition models released to developers.

With this change you get a huge energy savings since OLEDs do not require backlighting and could also reduce the size of the display.

“This is great because it means that Google shares confidential data from their futuristic projects with Samsung” which will help the company to further boost its OLED business, a Korean newspaper quoted.

Although not officially announced, the CEO of Samsung Display Kim Ki-nam hinted on that the two companies would work together, “The silicon OLED screens could be used for augmented reality devices as Google Glass” said during a convention in Canada.

“The laptop market will be most benefited by flexibility of OLED technology,” he added.

Meanwhile, Larry Page who is CEO of Google recently visited the production facilities of Samsung OLED technology in Korea.



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