Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To Bet On The Image Quality: Information on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but has not yet been announced by South Korean company is still leaking.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Image QualityCompany sources have confirmed the existence of this Smartphone to bet on the picture quality as compared to the next evolution model.

The Note 3 will come with a camera module versatile, highly functional and high quality which could be at the height of good digital cameras.

According to the source, 13 megapixels is added an outstanding stabilization system to prevent vibration and different shooting modes.

The phone development team is also considering the introduction of a 3x optical zoom, but it seems a difficult choice considering the slim body you have the Smartphones.

An official of the mobile communications division of Samsung Electronics, said that “We are reflecting on various technologies right now, for example Optical Image Stabilizer and shooting functions.Yet nothing has been confirmed by what you can not say conclusively that these features will be added to the Galaxy Note 3”.

Sealing functions, light control and improvements will also trigger yet which have not been specified.

With regard to the official specified them “We are applying the technology leader in the development phase in order to examine the image stabilizer and other improvements but still have not developed the final details and you can specify”.

Samsung may finally unveil officially the existence of the Galaxy Note 3 Samsung Premier 2013 event, held on June 20 in London and which have already announced they will update on Galaxy and Ativ.

Advanced earlier leaks the new Tablefono of South Korea could increase its 5.5-inch screen to 5.9 and would be flexible.

The latter was denied by the company.


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